Catering plays a vital role, in any event, in celebrating joyous moments with sumptuous food. The food quality matters significantly to the guests to make them feel special at the party. Assigning the catering responsibility to a well-experienced and professional caterer can make the party a big success as they know how to treat the guests with their kind gestures and hospitality. Good food fills the guests’ tummies and leaves a good impression in their hearts that will be cherished forever. They will likely remember how well your caterer treated them and will spread good vibes to others about being present at your event.

If you are targeting 100 guests, you can choose a budget-friendly caterer who will supply quality and versatile foods to satisfy the guests. It is good to choose different varieties of foods on one plate so that guests will feel appetized and enjoy different cuisines. Add a starter followed by a meal plate with plenty of veggies and healthy items, and complete it with a dessert to fulfil the meal.

Considerations Before Choosing a Caterer

It is suggested to consider a few essential factors before deciding on the right caterer for your occasion. The most significant benefit of opting for a caterer is they lessen your work helping you to plan your event in a more organized way.

Quality of the food

Taste plays a significant role in any food business as it will mark the reputation of the catering service provider. Get suggestions from friends and family to find out if they know a reliable caterer that offers reasonably priced quality foods.

Client Reviews

Research the web for a caterer with more positive feedback to enjoy a seamless user experience.

Personalized Option

Check if the caterer can handle customized diet requirements so that you can cater to the guest’s needs if they have any specific food options. Dietary preferences must be kept on the card while inviting guests to your event, keeping their wellness in mind.


Consider choosing a caterer who can plan the event well ahead to keep you relaxed throughout the event. Scrutinizing the menu and preparing the food varieties will make the guests more joyful, which will eventually help the catering company’s growth.

Setting a Realistic Budget

Planning your budget before choosing the caterer is the first step in planning the event well so that you dont get any surprise expenses or empty your pockets. Setting the right balance between food and quality is essential. So choose the best caterer in terms of both to rock the event.

Cost per head

It would be great to set a budget per plate to plan the expense of food for a party with 100 guests. Seeking an estimate from multiple caterers for the cost of 100 guests on average can help you select the most desirable one based on their menu and delicacy.

Potential Cost-Saving Measures without Compromising on the Quality

1. Portion Control

Portion control is one budget-friendly measure to cut food costs without compromising quality. Add a small amount of all food varieties to the platter so that guests can taste multiple cuisines.

2. Keep the Menus Simple

Always add different styles of food, but make it a small list even if the client demands it, as it can result in wastage. Keep it simple yet tasty to offer a full-fledged meal to the guests at a relatively low price to save your pocket.

3. Smart Inventory Management

Wise inventory tracking can eventually impact the sales of the catering business as they keep an eye on what’s coming in and what’s going out in terms of stocks. This will spot the wastage and avoid it in future to save your penny.

Choosing the right menu

Different caterers provide different food styles based on the event’s requirements. Weddings catering , corporate functions, and birthday parties are different types of events handled by professional caterers, and they offer customizable menu options to meet the needs of other clients. The primary menu option includes versatile varieties of drinks and sweet desserts to provide a full meal plate to the guests so that they can cherish the event.

Delivering the client’s requirements is essential to achieve excellence in a caterer’s business. Some clients prefer pure veg catering while others opt for non-veg catering food. Customers must work closely with the client’s requirements to accommodate their dietary requirements.

Buffet Vs Sit down dinner.

A buffet-style arrangement involves more interaction with the audience, improving social networking and adding flexibility with multiple food cuisines to savour the guests’ taste buds. A sit-down dinner is a closed-knit set-up that covers delivering food at the client’s comfort, allowing them to choose food options. The buffet system is more beneficial as it offers maximum mobility to try different food choices. Sit-down dinner is the best choice for catering to 100 guests as there is a restricted food option, and it saves a lot of money.

Communicating with the Caterer: Catering plays an indispensable role in the success of any event. If you are looking forward to the grand success of your event, then plan your time and communicate your requirements clearly to the caterer to ensure smooth operation and timely food arrangements. Please list the targeted headcount and their food preferences and submit it to the caterer beforehand to avoid any last-minute juggles.

Providing the guest count can help prepare an adequate amount of food to manage the anticipated guests. If any additional food requirements are expected, then a prior discussion must be initiated with the caterer to keep them informed about sudden food needs. Keeping in touch with the caterer frequently is recommended to ensure they are working towards your requirements for a hassle-free catering experience.

Additional Consideration

Seating and furniture go hand in hand with catering services as they take charge of the accommodation. The theme is the second important aspect, and choosing themes according to the occasion and intimating them to arrange decors is crucial. The clients can ask caterers to arrange chairs and tables complimenting the selected theme to look catchy. If arrangements are delayed, the caterer must provide an alternate option to make the set-up in the shortest possible time.


Good food can warm the guests’ hearts by making them feel excited about being present at your special event. For this, you should be wise enough to choose the best caterer who offers the best food and serves them with sheer hospitality to magnify the whole event. Go for a catering service provider that will deliver dishes at unmatched taste with the best in class customer-friendly services to make the events more memorable. In that line, Shahi Pakwaan offers foods from unique cuisines at complimentary prices to meet the ongoing demands of the catering industry. The company has achieved excellence in the past decade with a team of professional come, talented caterers who bring diverse food varieties to the guest plates.