Since 2000

Since its commencement, Shahi Pakwaan has been doing justice to the taste buds of the Hyderabad people. It took blood, sweat and tears to make Shahi Pakwaan over the past two decades. The loyal customers are our ingredient to success, as they believe in us and engage with us throughout all the events. Our team also moved the extra mile to satisfy every customer and their desires. 


In terms of its menu, Shahi Pakwaan excelled. We stood prestigious as customers returned to us for our variety of menus. The goodness in taste and authentic quality food was our strength that grabbed the attention of several customers. Our wide range of menus serves the diversity and flavour of the Indian palette. We offer all food categories, from simple Indian wedding food to lavish buffets. We have the best menu plan from continental, Brahmin, Mughlai, Persian, and authentic Telugu food with delicious taste. 

Catering planner

The Shahi Pakwaan holds a trusted name in the city today for its best customer service. Our professional catering team at Shahi Pakwaan is well-trained and proficient in serving any number of guests. Our catering planners think extraordinarily and work according to customers’ desires to make the event successful. By contacting the catering planner team, we heed the needs of customers. All details, such as venue, event, and the number of guests, are obtained by our catering planners. We offer food recommendations and serve the best food for your event.

Our professional team

Our professional teams are a bunch of trained and proficient staff. With years of experience in the catering industry, our staffs jump through hoops to make the event successful. We ensure to add creativity and love as unique ingredients to all the dishes we serve. Apart from impeccable food, we also deliver an extraordinary presentation that startles the customers. The dedication and honesty of our team towards catering are endless. 


We ensure the health and safety of the customers as a significant priority and hence initiate catering with sanitizing and cleaning. We strictly follow food safety regulations and all staff follows good personal hygiene practices. Hygiene and safe food is assured with the Shahi Pakwaan team.
Our staffs have a passion for cooking and cook the most delicious cuisines. The highlighting factor about the Shahi Pakwaan team is that apart from cooking quality food, we present food extraordinarily. The presentation of food fetches us loads of compliments as we incorporate creativity in presenting foods.

Quality catering

The Shahi Pakwaan team believes in quality and ensures the finest customer service. Moreover, the quality factor escalates and takes us high in the challenging competitive catering domain. We ensure quality at all levels and maintain the highest standards. We use quality raw materials for the best output and wellness of customers.

Fresh food

At Shahi Pakwaan, we deliver the best and most fresh food. We focus on using organic and fresh raw materials for cooking. Moreover, the masalas for authentic flavours are freshly prepared by our chefs, which makes the food taste and look fresh. Serving fresh food is our motto, and we go the extra mile.

Exceptional service

The Shahi Pakwaan is a leading catering service in Hyderabad, delivering impeccable customer service. For anniversaries, parties, corporate lunches, weddings or birthdays, engage with the Shahi Pakwaan team for exceptional service. We make your events memorable and a grand success. 

Why us?

The Shahi Pakwaan team offers quality service, authentic food, affordable prices and the best customer service. Hosting an event mandates planning with a long list to accomplish. Our experienced team of caterers and chefs are professionals dedicated to creating delicious and uniquely presentable menus that make your event stand out from the rest. 

Our specialization in various cuisines is another fact that entices customers to book the Shahi Pakwaan team. We make every event unique by customizing the menu according to your desires. We use only high-quality and fresh ingredients to make the food delicious and exceptionally presentable. We offer complete services, including set-up, service, and cleaning. Henceforth customers get time to concentrate on guests’ families and relax. 

The Shahi Pakwaan team is renowned for excellence and owes many satisfied customers across Hyderabad. The Shahi Pakwaan team blasts all events, such as weddings, corporate events, and private parties, with fantastic food service. However, our team focuses on incomparable customer service, making the event successful. 

The affordable charges and best service make the Shahi Pakwaan the favourite amongst customers. Our staffs are trained in sanitation and food safety and follow high hygiene standards. 

We provide unsurpassed catering service with professional service and delicious food. Contact the Shahi Pakwaan team and make your events grand by delighting your guests with excellent food. We make all events memorable with our food as the taste lingers around the tongue, which one can never forget.