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Best Wedding Catering Services Hyderabad

Shahi Pakwaan Caterers is a premier wedding catering service in Hyderabad, offering exceptional food and top-notch service for your special day. We have a wide range of menu options to suit every taste and budget. Our experienced team ensures that your wedding reception is a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

The exceptional service, delicious food, timely delivery, and a myriad of menu options that suit the customers’ preferences make Shahi Pakwaan the top wedding caterer in Hyderabad. By choosing our experienced and reputable wedding catering service, we assure your wedding reception will turn into a memorable and enjoyable experience for your family and friends. 


Our Special Shahi pakwaan wedding catering service

Wedding catering services involve more than just providing food. It involves respecting and accommodating the customer’s traditions and values, as food reflects the family’s customs. Excellent customer service is also important, as each client has unique traditions and needs.

We cater for other events

Destination weddings 

The Shahi Pakwaan offers catering services for destination weddings serving fantastic food to guests. We allow couples to enjoy delicious and beautifully presented food at their dream location. We offer unique dishes for guests to enjoy in the new location. However, we put the customer into the loop for planning the menu. We suggest them with a good menu that works wonders in dream destinations. 

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Engagement and bridal showers 

The Shahi Pakwaan catering services can be a great addition to engagement and bridal showers, providing delicious and beautifully presented food for the occasion. We offer specialized menus and services for these events, allowing couples and their guests to enjoy a memorable Engagement Party Catering Celebration an Unforgettable Experience  and enjoyable experience.

Our team serves various dishes at engagement and bridal showers, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks. These dishes are tailored to the couple’s tastes and dietary preferences, as well as the theme and atmosphere of the event. 

Bachelorette & Wedding Rehearsals

Our catering service offers a unique and different menu than the usual wedding menu. Moreover, couples inject their personality and preference for bachelorette and wedding rehearsals. The Bachelorette party takes heed, and friends bounce off the walls with our special menu and presentation. From drinks, starters, and main course, to desserts, everything ranks high and takes the event to the next level. 

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Wedding Functions & Receptions

The Shahi Pakwaan offers the best wedding catering services. We surprise the bride, bridegroom, their family, and friends with our impeccable food. However, the menu, taste, food stations, organization, and hospitality exceed customer expectations. Wedding functions turn out marvelous with the Shahi Pakwaan food. 

Post-Wedding Functions & Anniversaries

All special occasions call for special functions. In that way, post-wedding and anniversaries are glorious moments to enjoy with family and friends. Add extravagance to the celebration by booking the Shahi Pakwaan catering service for post-wedding and anniversary functions. Delight your guests with stylish Mughlai, Persian, Arabian, Chinese, North, and south Indian food. 


Catering orders for wedding receptions and dinners 

The Shahi Pakwaan group takes up catering orders for receptions and dinners. We have the best team of professionals, well-versed in preparing exclusive food varieties for weddings. The wide menu options have various savory items, making your wedding food unforgettable. Moreover, the pocket-friendly charges highlights the Shahi Pakwaan services. Associate with us and make your weddings unforgettable with our fabulous food. We offer services for 


Reception catering

The Shahi Pakwaan team are exclusive reception caterers that celebrate your wedding and make it memorable. The dedicated professional team knows the requirement of the ambiance and starts with a drink during the reception. Our services are of high standards, and we offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items in reception catering. 

Dinner (valima) catering

The valima reception or shadi ends with traditional food items like a typical Hyderabad wedding. The valima dinner menu covers a wide range of items prepared by valima special chefs. 

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What We served our cuisine on a special occasions

The Shahi Pakwaan team members are pioneers in preparing mouth-watering dishes. However, we cover cuisines from all over India and across the world. We make unique vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. From starters and main courses to desserts, the chefs portray the ultimate talent and trigger the guest’s taste buds. We have listed a few cuisines of the Shahi Pakwaan team that take customers to cloud nine. 

Mughlai cuisine 

Mughlai cuisine 

Shahi Pakwaan
For food lovers desiring to step into the Mughlai food world, remember Shahi Pakwaan can take you there. We prepare a flavourful, authentic, and spicy Mughlai menu. The Royal Mughlai’s Dum biryani, parantha, kebabs, chicken korma, and tandoori’s are a few highlights. 
Lucknowi cuisine

Lucknowi cuisine

Shahi Pakwaan
Nothing can out beat the tempting taste and awe-inspiring aroma of Lucknowi cuisines. We use dry fruits, freshly ground, and prepared spices and bring Nawab cuisines to weddings. 
South Indian cuisines 

South Indian cuisines 

Shahi Pakwaan
The authenticity of south Indian food is scattered across the globe. The Shahi Pakwaan team has specialized chefs for preparing south Indian dishes. The finger-licking taste of aromatic sambar, dosa, vada, Pongal, and pulav satisfies the wedding ceremony. 
North Indian cuisines 

North Indian cuisines 

Shahi Pakwaan
The rotis, tandoori, curry, non-veg items, and more with north Indian flavors are prepared by our expert team. The exquisite taste of north India lies in the hands of Shahi Pakwaan chefs. 
Arabian cuisines 

Arabian cuisines 

Shahi Pakwaan
We also prepare unique, fun, and new Arabian dishes that make the wedding delightful. The tandooris, shawarma, and biryani entice the wedding guests to get ready for meals. 
Chinese cuisines 

Chinese cuisines 

Shahi Pakwaan
Every wedding has a special counter for Chinese food items. The Manchurians, fried rice, soups, etc., have grabbed Indian's attention, and they crave it.  The Shahi Pakwaan crew plays wonders with secret spices and captivates the guests with incredible food. 

We offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering services for weddings

The shahi Pakwaan offers non-vegetarian wedding catering services based in Hyderabad. The company provides delicious and beautifully presented non-veg dishes for weddings and other special occasions.

The shahi Pakwaan offers a range of non-veg dishes on their wedding catering menus, including lamb, chicken, and seafood. Some popular dishes include haleem, a slow-cooked stew made with lamb and wheat; keema samosa, a savory snack filled with spiced minced meat; and marag, a spicy soup made with lamb and yogurt.

Overall, the shahi Pakwaan offers high-quality non-veg wedding catering services that impress guests and make the wedding celebration memorable and enjoyable. The catering service specializes in providing delicious and beautifully presented non-veg dishes for weddings.

The Shahi Pakwaan group offers a range of veg dishes for weddings and other special occasions. The company’s experienced chefs are skilled in creating delicious and beautifully presented dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The Shahi Pakwaan’s veg wedding catering menus feature a variety of dishes, including both classic and contemporary options. Some popular dishes include dal chaawal, a simple but hearty dish made with lentils and rice; mirchi ka salan, a spicy curry made with green chili peppers; and biryani, a flavorful rice dish made with vegetables and spices.

Overall, the Shahi Pakwaan offers high-quality veg wedding catering services that will impress guests and make the wedding celebration memorable and enjoyable.

Why choose Shahi Pakwaan catering services

The Shahi Pakwaan team takes up catering services as they are passionate about serving the best food. We skilfully use hand-selected spices and incorporate them into the dishes for the authentic flavor of food. People choose Shahi Pakwaan wedding catering service for the astonishing menu, punctual service, budget-friendly service, management during the wedding, and best customer service. 

Our Shahi Pakwaan wedding catering service works by discussing with the customer to know their desires and preferences for the wedding. We customize the wedding menu as per the customer’s choice. However, we also suggest great food and wedding organization ideas to the customers. Once everything goes on track, the date is discussed and finalized. 

How we make it special for you? 

The Shahi Pakwaan team prepares delicious, mouth-watering food and presents them exceptionally. Moreover, we prepare various menus such as Arab, Persian, Mughlai, South Indian, and North Indian food. We work closely with our customers and couples, understand their preferences, taste, and budget, and move accordingly. 

Moreover, we appoint experienced chefs and staff who are skilled in the preparation and serving of food. We also take the responsibility of event planning and coordination and make the wedding a grand success. Ring us and enjoy our special services. 

Things to consider for booking a Shahi Pakwaan wedding catering services

By booking the Shahi Pakwaan wedding catering service, you offer your family, friends, and guests a rich royal feat with authentic taste. Apart from gifts, you also receive compliments for offering the best food. Shahi Pakwaan is a highly-demanded catering service across Hyderabad, so there are a few aspects to consider before booking the service.

It would be a great and smooth journey to check the: menu options, Budget, Availability, and comparison of parameters with other catering services. We mention the above parameters and leave it to the customers to cross-check, as we know we stay ahead of others in all aspects.