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Non-Veg Catering Services

Satiating the guest’s taste buds is our only chore as non-veg caterers in Hyderabad. Our hygienic and delicious non-veg food takes the guests to cloud nine. The use of fresh aromatic spices for non-veg curries makes our food stand out from the rest for all occasions. The distinctive preparation style and taste make us the top non-veg caterers across Hyderabad. We offer a myriad of dishes following unique preparatory techniques. Delight your guests with new dishes from Shahi Pakwaan team.

Our non-veg menu and items startle the customers as we have a wide variety to offer. We are impressed by the diverse food habits of India and other countries and render Mughlai, South Indian, Chinese, Lucknowi, Arabian, North-Indian, and Deccan cuisines. Food lovers looking for a diverse and unique menu love dining with us for our exceptional non-veg food. The crispy fries, kebabs, grills, tandooris, and pulaos grab customers’ attention.

Though our chefs follow traditional preparation methods, they blend every dish with new techniques and innovate dishes according to today’s tastes and preferences.
Our food menu is extraordinary, as every dish inspires you to eat more. Our non-veg menu includes

Non Veg Food MENU

Our Non-Veg Food Catering Services - Non Veg Catering Services Near Me

Special non-veg starter

Whether, small or grand parties, guests eagerly wait to enjoy the scrumptious non-veg starters. The tikkas, kebabs, Chicken lollipops, and fries trigger your taste buds. We provide an array of non-veg starters for every occasion that blasts the taste in your mouth.

Non-veg biryani

Any party is successful and complete with the Hyderabad special, Mughlai-flavoured Hyderabadi biryani. Our biryani masters imbibe several ingredients that spread authentic spices' aromatic flavors across the party. We serve excellent non-veg biryani for all occasions.


The Hyderabad desserts lead the league for their extraordinary taste that melts in the mouth. Weddings, birthdays, and all occasions turn sweeter with the innovative desserts we offer. Our desserts are traditional and rich, made from fresh ingredients and nuts.

Deccan Hyderabadi cuisine

The Deccan Hyderabad cuisines are special compared to other cuisines as our food is an amalgamation of Mughlai, Persian and Turkish styles. We provide a special menu based on the occasion from which the customers customize the menu.


The accompaniments enrich the deliciousness of the food and offer an aesthetic value to the main dish. Book us and enjoy our impeccable non-veg catering.

Non-veg catering choices

Customers can customize and design the menu according to their food tastes. The non-veg catering choices are ample. Come up, check out our mind-blowing dishes, and pick the ones you desire to surprise the guests.

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Get grilled

With the intense influence of Mughlai and Arab cuisines, get your tongues a twist with various grills. The menu includes blistering seekhs, grilled kebabs, and mouth-watering seafood grills. The chutneys add a prick to your taste buds, and everyone enjoys the grills. 

Amazing soups

Start your meal with hot, spicy, and flavored soups. Give your taste senses a life with chicken corn soup, chicken veggies, and many more soups. We offer a wide range of soups from various parts of the world. Kickstart your meal enthusiastically with these lively soups and soothe your throat.

Biryani- the Heavenly delicacy

Can any event end without Hyderabad biryani? The Hyderabadi dum biryani’s heavenly to taste. The Shahi Pakwaan chefs prepare impeccable biryani with the right amount of masala and spices and deliver mind-blowing basmati rice biryani. The traditional biryani makes the meal complete and satisfying. Our biryani has become a mandatory dish in every event, and customers demand it for its exceptional taste. 

Semi gravies and curries

It is our semi-gravies and curries that reap great compliments. Our personally made innovative masalas from fresh ingredients add an authentic aroma to the curries and satisfy the guests. We have special chefs well-versed in making Persian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Dhum Ka Murg, Prawn tikka masala, Achari chicken, and Raan Lucknowi are a few of our signature dishes. The tender meat with aromatic masalas makes you crave more curries. 

Chinese Delight

We also introduce Chinese cuisines to all occasions as ample Chinese food lovers are scattered everywhere. Close your eyes and taste the Chinese specialties like oriental prawns, Chinese fried rice, noodles, Cilantro chicken, etc. and delight your stomach. 

Non-veg catering services

The Shahi pakwaan team of intelligent chefs turns any occasion into a grand success with the delighting food. Our non-veg catering service stands out from the rest for the extraordinary dishes and taste we offer. We pull the customer into the loop for any event and heed their requirements first. Based on customer needs, we customize the menu and deliver as per their desire. We also have additional cuisines for customers to add to their menus. Call Shahi Pakwaan for quality non-veg catering across Hyderabad. 


Syed Faisal Hussain Commercial Tax Officer

We recently hired Shahi Pakwaan Caterers for our wedding and they exceeded our expectations. The food was exquisite and the presentation was beautiful. Their team was professional and attentive throughout the entire process, ensuring that every detail was taken care of. We couldn't have asked for better non-veg caterers in Hyderabad!

Zia Ahmed Digital Marketer Specialist

If you're looking for top-quality non-veg catering in Hyderabad, look no further than Shahi Pakwaan Caterers. Their menu is extensive and diverse, with options to satisfy any palate. The food was fresh, flavorful, and expertly prepared. We'll definitely be using them again for future events!"

Adnan Bin ALi Doctor

We can't thank Shahi Pakwaan Caterers enough for making our special occasion even more memorable. The food was outstanding and their service was impeccable. Our guests were blown away by the quality and taste of the non-veg dishes. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for non-veg catering in Hyderabad! 

Irfan Ahmed

One of our friends recommended Shahi Pakwaan Caterers for my brother's wedding, and we were thrilled with their exceptional service. They helped us select the menu, and their team cared for the rest, leaving us nothing to worry about. Our guests were delighted and very pleased with the quality of the food and service provided. It was a joy to see everyone so happy. We highly recommend Shahi Pakwaan Caterers for their Best service and delicious food. They made our day special; we are so grateful for their efforts. Thank you!


Working with Shahi Pakwaan Caterers is always a delightful experience. Their commitment to high work ethics and exceeding expectations is evident in every aspect of their service. They use clean and hygienic cooking methods to prepare delicious and tasty food from various cuisines. The team is highly dedicated and attentive, with management overseeing every detail to ensure that every event is unforgettable and becomes the talk of the town.


Shahi Pakwaan offers Hyderabad biryani, patthar ke ghost, malai chicken, charcoal grilled kebabs, and Shrimp fried rice, Dum Ka Murgh, and Lollipops from chicken and fries.

Shahi Pakwaan serves Persian, Indian, and Middle East cuisines. We offer different flavors: spicy biryanis, desserts, semi-gravies and curries, and starters.

Our wide range of menus for varied palates, budgets, different cuisines, and seamless customer service keeps us ahead of others.

Call 6281134614 to book an appointment with the Shahi Pakwaan team, or browse the website and fill out the online form.

The price range of non-veg dishes for catering service depends on the number of members in the party. We are pocket-friendly and assure reasonable cost with the best service.

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