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Veg Catering Services

Are you looking to surprise guests with vegetarian meals? The Shahi Pakwaan veg catering service exceeds the customer’s expectations and surprises the guests. We aim to deliver quality and value from cost, variety, flavor, customer service, flexibility, and taste. India is diverse, and multiple cuisines are available in each state. The Shahi Pakwaan veg catering service supplies varieties of food of South Indian, Goan, Punjabi, North Indian, Rajasthani, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri and more. Our enthusiastic chefs prepare exciting vegetarian dishes that are authentic with extraordinary flavours. Associate with the Shahi Pakwaan team and try the scrumptious vegetarian dishes.

vegetarian food catering service types

By coupling with the Shahi Pakwaan team, vegetarian catering service types are of two types, buffet and sit-down catering service.

Veg Buffet catering service

Many customers prefer the buffet catering service as the guests are delighted and tempted by the variety of delicious meal options. A buffet catering service offers a wide range of vegetarian varieties with desserts. Our vegetarian buffer catering service satisfies the guests.

Sit-down table service

We render the best sit-down catering service and follow a systematic procedure. Our hospitality for sit-down catering is extraordinary and welcomed by all. We serve multiple dishes with desserts and startle the guest with our sit-down catering service.

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Perfect Hyderabadi swaad

No one walks out of the occasion without appreciating the Shahi Pakwaan team for the delicious food preparation. A perfect Hyderabadi food brings joy and arouses the senses. We serve ample flavorful vegetarian dishes, as mentioned.

Veg starters

India’s appetisers or veg starters are incomparable for their unique taste and flavour. The highlight of Indian veg starters is their pairing with green chutneys, which tingles the tongue and keeps demanding more. The stuffed tikkas, tandoori aloo, kebabs and more varieties lure the guests’ attention

Veg curries

The Shahi Pakwaan veg curries take the guest over the moon for their mouth-watering taste and aroma. The tantalising aromas, fragrances, and vibrant colours grab customers’ attention. Moreover, the innumerable veg curries with the aroma of spices satisfy the guest’s guts. The Vindaloo, Korma, tikka masala, dal makhani etc., complete any occasion successfully.

Soupy sensation

It’s time to bend your head over a steaming bowl and inhale the veg soup’s essence. Sipping the hot soups with their exotic flavours in a gentle ratio satisfies your mind and heart. The Hanoi soup, Manchow soup, clear soup and sour soups are openers opening doors for a fabulous meal

Chinese delight

Chinese food is an ideal flavour of colours, flavours and texture. Try the Shahi Pakwaan’s specials, such as crispy corn, Hakka noodles, fried rice, and more. Be ready to receive generous compliments from your guests for delectable food. 

Veg biryani varieties

Every occasion stands with pride with exceptional food. In that manner, veg biryani is everyone’s love. The right proportion of veggies, the mix of spices, and the aroma of basmati rice never let any individual without tasting it. The Shahi Pakwaan team of cook prepare rich and traditional veg biryani for all events.

Desi Lentil soups to savour

While discussing veg food, dals hold a special place. The Rajma dal, Dal Makhani, Dal fry and Dal Tadka fill the guests and takes them to cloud nine. 

Gravies and semi gravies

 Gravies and semi graviesaGravies and semi-gravies are the soul of India. We employ fresh spices and ingredients and make quality masalas for curries, making us stand out from the rest. Check out our rich and flavourful vegetarian gravies from different parts of India. The Mughlai cuisine and North Indian and South Indian gravies are a few items people fall for. Our customers demand Malai Kofta, Navaratna Korma, Shahi paneer and more for their extraordinary taste.

How we make it special for you?

The Shahi Pakwaan crew of cooks are specialists in preparing vegetarian cuisines. We make all your occasions grand with our delectable dishes and surprise your guests. The diverse dishes, spices, colours and presentation make every dish unique. The Shahi Pawaan veg catering service goes the extra mile in making a special menu for every occasion. However, we heed customers’ requests and satisfy them accordingly. We make special vegetarian catering services according to customers and customise their menu. We have a special menu for weddings, birthdays, parties etc. hence we make every event special.

Hygiene and safety in our catering service

The Shahi Pakwaan team strictly maintains hygiene and safety during catering services. We follow all safety measures and necessary precautions while cooking and serving the guests. The Shahi Pakwaan team are strict regarding safety, and customers trust them more. 


The veg caterers in Hyderabad start with a rate of Rs 300 to 500 in Hyderabad.

Set packages are available, but most customers prefer to customise the menu according to the occasion and preferences.

The Shahi Pawaan team prepares special food according to the occasion. We always help and suggest to customers in deciding the menu.

The average cost per person would be about Rs (200 to 500 per person)

We Shahi Pakwaan Catering crew permits the customers to choose a combination of cuisines, as customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Yes. Since vegetarian meals are purely for vegetarian lovers, we serve pure vegetarians without eggs in desserts and cakes.