Biriyani is one yummy and famous south Indian dish made from different masala spices cooked with rice and meat. The look of the dish is so colourful that people crave to eat it when they see it. The most interesting fact related to Biriyani is it is not just food but emotion as the smell itself tempts people to taste the dish by instantly winning their hearts.

Biriyani is the most preferred food for many Muslim and Christian events as it serves a huge crowd by filling their tummy. The best reason to choose this dish for events is it is easy to prepare in bulk quantities and the smell draws the attention of the guests. The dish is so savouring that it fulfils the taste buds of the eaters with the aromatic smell that is attributed to the variety of spices and condiments added. These spices enhance the taste of the entire dish by wanting the guests to have more. Another reason to include this food in your events is right from kids to old people love Biriyani due to its mesmerizing taste and look.

Types of Biriyani

Let us explore the different types of Biriyani and their specialities.

  1. Hyderabadi Biriyani: The most craved biriyani in South India for its authentic taste and wonderful fragrance. Chicken is the prime ingredient included in this food and usually served hot with raita to make it more yummy. The dish is cooked with basmati rice, chicken or mutton, lemon,onions and yoghurt to deliver that mouth watering taste. The two varieties in Hyderabadi biriyani is kachchi and the pakki of which the former is raw biriyani while the latter is cooking rice and meat together with spices to make it as a sumptuous dish.
  2.  Lucknowi Biriyani: This is a dum style biriyani made from healthy vegetables, spices, and rice cooked to the extreme to deliver that exotic taste. A famous dish in North-east India that has warmed the hearts of South Indians too due to its rich taste and smell.
  3. Malabar Biriyani: A kerala style biriyani cooked with coconut oil and meat along with a special khyma rice that enriches the dish. The dish is frequently tried by Malabar Muslims resisding in the Kerala state.

How to find the best biriyani caterers?

Finding the best biriyani caterers in Hyderabad can be challenging as there are plenty of service providers all around the city. Fisrtly, search the web for best biriyani caterers in your locality and read reviews on google. Also, try to attend many events and explore the food varieties there and catering suppliers in the functions and get their details. Alternatively, you can also ask your friends for suggestions regarding the best in class caterers in Hyderabad city based on their personal experience. These three ideas will collectively help you choose the most reliable biriyani caterer in the city to grace your events. In that line, Shahi pakwaan best caterers in Hyderabad is ranked asthe best one in satisfying customers with delightful biriyanis as affordable pricing and on time services.

How to work right with the Biriyani Caterers?

As soon as you have finalized the caterer based on your interests the next best thing is to communicate your requirements to them to help them deliver dishes with the finest quality. Menu planning is the fundamental aspect for any event. So, first write down all the foods you want to include in your menu and then discuss with the caterer whether it is feasible to include them in the party. Check the menu section of shahi pakwaan website to explore the speciality dishes and choose one based on your liking.

Pricing is the second important factor to be discussed in prior to avoid any ambiguities in the future. Talk to the catering partner to know how much they charge for one plate and check for special offers while booking them for bulk order. The final thing is the delivery service which is crucial to avoid any last minute tensions in your function. Ask them beforehand if there is a delivery option and the transport fee all those details so that you can stay relaxed and welcome the guests. Prompt delivery is mandatory to avoid waiting time of the guests by serving them on time.


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